Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is is an app that allows you to discover and download apps, and get rewarded for installing them as well.

  • Installation

  • Q. How Do I Install the App?

    For Android users, simply go to Google Play Store and search for Once you've found it, click on the app, and click on Install.

    For all other users, you can simply sign up with either your Facebook or Google+ and log into our web app.

  • Q. Is it free to install?

    Yes it is. No strings attached.

  • Q. Will this app drain my battery? only uses a minimal amount of battery. Your battery life should not be affected after installing

  • Redemption of Coins

  • Q. How can I find out how many coins I've earned?

    You can find out how many coins you've earned by going to the app, and on the top left corner it will show how many coins you have currently. You can also check your earnings through Earnings History.

  • Q. How do I redeem my coins once I get them?

    You can simply redeem your coins by going to My Offers, selecting the Reward tab, and choosing the item that you want to redeem. There will be the number of coins indicated right beside each redeemable item. Once you have the right amount of coins, click on the button in order to redeem.

    Redemption of rewards takes 7 days to process from the time of request.

    Rewards are updated from time to time, so be sure to take a look back for new items to redeem.

  • Q. Can I track the rewards that I've redeemed?

    Yes, you can track your rewards through the Redeem History section.

  • Offers

  • Q. How do I get more Offers for me to redeem?

    The number of offers depends on the Level of the user, which could be found on the top left corner once they have signed into their account. As the Level increases, more offers will be available, as well as more offers with higher coin payouts.

  • Q. Will there be more new Offers in the future?

    Yes, we will be updating the list with new Offers, so be sure to check the list out for any new opportunities to earn more coins.

  • Referral Program

  • Q. How do I invite people?

    You can invite people by accessing the app and click on My Offer in the side menu. Then click on the Invite tab at the bottom. You can then select whether you want to invite people through Facebook, Google+, or through your email contact. (Note: You will need to sync the app with your Facebook and Google+ before you can add people.)

    You can also invite people by having them add your Referral Code once they've installed the app, or have them use the Referral Link.

    Please note that your referrals must convert their first sponsored offer in order for both you and your Referral to earn Coins.

  • Q. Will I be able to track earnings from my referrals?

    Yes, you can check it within the report in the My Invites report.

  • Q. What is a Referral Code?

    Any person that has been invited and referred by an existing user will receive a Referral Code in their email, Facebook, or Google+ invite (depending on how they were invited). Once the referred person has installed the app, they can go to their account, click on Enter Referral Code and enter their Referral Code to redeem coins after they have successfully finished their first sponsored offer.

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